An angry note that was written by John Lennon to producer Phil Spector has sold at auction for over $88,000, which was nearly ten times the expected price.  Hope it was real and not a joke for April Fools Day.

The letter, penned in the early 1970s, contains references to Who drummer Keith Moon and singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson misbehaving in Hollywood's Capitol Studios, while they were supposed to be recording together.

It reads: "Phil - See ya around 12.30! Should you not yet know, it was Harry and Keith who p***ed on the console! We left at 11.30… Jerry now wants us to evict us or that's what Capitol tells us, anyway. Tell him to bill Capitol for the damage if any? "I can't be expected to mind adult rock stars nor can May. Besides, she works for   me, not A&M! I'm about to p**s off to Record Plant because of this crap. John."